Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where does AeroVieux focus?

Our primary focus is on safe and effective drone flight operations. We constantly improving our drone piloting skills and operational efficiency. Secondly, we focus on delivering an exceptional customer service experience. We cater to the real estate and construction enterprises. Our services range from basic to comprehensive solution packages.

Q2. What are some of the key factors of operating as drone services provider?

Piloting Skill: Despite many advances in the capabilities of drone technology, flying them safely and responsibly is a learned skill and our pilots who fly drones on a daily basis are clearly better than those that fly only intermittently.

Safety: Protecting people, property, and assets are of utmost importance. Reducing risk and harmful impact with proper training, equipment maintenance and situational/environmental awareness are critical to operating safely.

Technical Skills and Resources: Understanding how to integrate aerial data into your company’s existing workflow takes time and requires dedicated people with a variety of technical skills. Many times the approach may be purely experimental, when a solid solution is required.

Regulatory Compliance – The FAA controls our nation's airspace, and is working diligently at rules which make commercial drone operations safer. In order to comply with FAA rules, a commercial drone operations must be carried out by licensed pilot working under 333 exemption status; or, a Part 107 certified pilot. Either of which will have a solid understanding all of rules and regulations prior to flight operations.

Insurance – Most commercial insurance policies exclude aviation risk. A company operating drones for commercial purposes requires separate aviation insurance coverage. AeroVieux carries a minimum of $1M in Aeronautical Liability Insurance.

Equipment – Being a technology-based business, the drone services provider should be using current generation technology, capable of producing 4K ultra-high definition media.

Data Processing – Collecting high quality aerial images is just the beginning. Converting these images into finished products requires significant skills and expensive photogrammetry and editing software combined with powerful and costly computing resources.

Q3. Are you able to produce site maps and/or 3d models from your drone photography?

Yes, we are by using a process called Photogrammetry.

Q4. How often will my site get updated my site under the managed content services?

AeroVieux will work with you in planning to determine a refresh cycle. Content updates typically coincides with the flight schedule.

Q5. How often do you recommend drone flights for construction sites?

This will vary greatly based on your intended use(s) of the imaging. Some companies choose to fly multiple times each day, others choose to do so on a weekly or monthly basis. At a minimum, we recommend capturing imaging at key project milestone points from inception through the project's completion.

Q6. What are the FAA rules regarding commercial drone operations?

The following are the general rules, all of which are may be waived: Class G airspace operations Must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line-of-sight) Must fly under 400 feet Must fly during the day Must fly at or below 100 mph Must yield right of way to manned aircraft Must NOT fly over people Must NOT fly from a moving vehicle

Q7. How does the waiver process work?

Certified Pilots may request a waiver by completing an online form with the FAA. Be prepared to have answers about flight details, such as date/time, location, duration, purpose, and remote pilot in charge. Waiver durations may be granted for as much as 2 years. The FAA has advised that the waivers requests should be submitted 90-days prior to planned flight.

Q8. Can AeroVieux operate it's drones indoors?

Yes we can. Our drones are equipped with downward facing cameras and other high tech sensors which serve to stabilize the aircraft when GPS signals are not present. We also use handheld stabilized camera gear when doing ground work, which is capable of producing smooth motion video, in ultra-high definition (4K).

Q9: What web platforms are used when developing websites for your customers?

Squarespace and WordPress, in our experience, are excellent content management systems which are user friendly and easy to maintain.

Q10. Can you also livestream from your drones?

Yes, we can livestream to our Facebook or YouTube channel.