Who Are We


Who Are We

AeroVieux is a Southeast Louisiana based, UAV (drone) service provider.  We produce HD and beyond (4k) aerial photos, videos and photogrammetry data.  The company is owned & managed by a FAA Certified Remote Pilot, Michael Lee.  There are great demands for the use of drones in the commercial sector, including…cell tower inspections, commercial roof inspections, power station inspections, real estate sales, event marketing, action sports documentation, map creation, crop inspections, 3D modeling, and commercial construction. AeroVieux's packaged services are tailored for the construction and real estate industries, however we are excited to learn how we can meet the growing demand of the industry.  


A Message from Michael Lee, Chief Pilot


First of all, thanks for visiting taking a look around and showing interest in my work.  

My interests in drones was ignited back in November 2013 when I learned that DJI was releasing the Phantom Vision UAV.   Soon after discovering the potential of this technology, I went "all in"...learning, failing, getting back up...rinse repeat!  Somewhere in the midst of the process, I found my passion...something I'd do purely for the thrill, enthralling beauty, technical challenge, and creative opportunity.  Being a drone pilot is an experience like no other.  Bystanders or the uninitiated may assume the pilot is simply "toying" (or worse yet, "spying") around.  This has not been my experience or something I find interesting.  Public safety and privacy are top concerns and will continue to be at the foothill of UAV allowance in national airspace.  Fortunately, DJI (present day market leader in drone sales) has worked closely with the community and air traffic monitoring and control systems to keep their drones in compliance of airspace restrictions.  Of all the advancements to their products, mandatory airspace compliance is, arguably, the most important one.

As I worked towards becoming a commercial drone pilot, it was clear that If were to be any good at this, I'd have to learn how to get the most of each opportunity.  Doing so requires preparation, organization, attention to details, a steady hand, and nerve's of steel. 

Barbecue or Mildew for 20 Minutes?!?!?

This is a short sprint...so let's go: 

  1. Can 
  2. How are you going to spend the next 20 minutes with you drone battery?  When you get back to the computer to review the footage, how does it look?  How much are you able to improve the quality after reviewing your footage?